How to make a flyer?

One of the most successful ways to attract the target audience considered flyers. Experts in the field of advertising has long noted the following interesting trend: slight redesign leaflets can lead to a significant increase in the proportion of sales of the advertised product or service. How to come up with an interesting new design? To do this, follow these basic tenets.

The object of advertising should be offered so that the potential client realized that he needed this particular product or service. Information about advertising should be printed in large print, easy to read and attractive.

Advertising text should not bear the negative coloration. Particle “no” is a figure of speech prohibited. The leaflet should not contain confusing the consumer terms of long and lengthy sentences.

The size of the leaflets is determined by its functional purpose. If it is intended for distribution in the street, it is advisable to choose a small format advertising products, such as calendar or envelope. If flyer handed in a business meeting format, its size may vary to a value of the album leaf.

The volume of the text should not be large, otherwise the consumer in the process of reading loses interest. The leaflet should be written as abstract about a product or service designed for rather cursory viewing, not for careful and thoughtful reading.

Creating a flyer, it is better to focus on the buyer’s desire to leave myself this piece of paper. Business card can provide useful information for potential clients, such as the life of the product, the size of clothing or footwear or involve the possibility of a discount.

Leaflet should not contain black and brown tones. These colors are associated by consumers with cheap and low-quality products. The leaflet should give a positive charge, attracting the attention of bright and rich colors. The only exception is for dark colors can be done if the company logo is just such colors.

None advertising designer can not guarantee that tomorrow for certain products or services will be pulled long queue consumers. However, adherence to the simple tenets will attract the target audience and successfully promote their products and services in today’s market conditions, as well as strong competition.

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