Distribution of leaflets in the street

So let’s say you took the job handing out leaflets to passers-by on the street and pay for 1,000 leaflets 400 rubles. Well, you know, that one leaflet 1 person and if you give a man more than 1 you can get, because there are people who are hired specifically to test your honesty. How did these people get and who can slip 5-6 leaflets!
Everything is very easy, just do not give people who ask it 50 50 flyers flyers, and it definitely check. Who else can slip stack of leaflets, as someone, then if logically think, who would not work inspection, I think mothers with young children, the elderly, children under 12 years old, I think they will not be offended if instead of one leaflet will receive 6 World still throw them, and you immediately minus 6 people work and save for 2-3 minutes.

There is a better way to get rid of 100 -150 leaflets at once if you have friends, just ask him to pass by, but instead of a single leaflet give him 100, he had them quickly in a bag, briefcase, all have no one to prove but be careful, there are passing cars-check that monitor the number of leaflets that you are distributing the man.

Spacing flyers in mailboxes

The main thing is to choose your area, there are many ways for you here hard to keep track.

Do what you want and where you want, even burn them, the main thing is not much to burn or to hide from the 1000 can only 100-150 fuck up and do not give. I’ll tell you how to do it. Suppose you are in a region where there is your house, your apartment, you can effortlessly bring home 100 leaflets, and if asking: “Are you all leaflets handed out”, to be honest, everything, even if they will check now many homes are intercoms, I think they will not go into all the entrances and check whether you are throwing leaflets there or not.

But what to do if you are not in your area, but the same thing in one of the entrances to leave 100-150 leaflets, then come after work and get rid of them. At worst, you can not tormented, if you will work one time, just throw in the trash pieces 800, 200 and so, give money and they’ll give you all, you are free to work on another blow ad. Here you can cheat because employers themselves are not so honest, instead of pop 1000-1300 flyers. So down with honesty, go for it. I was doing all this a bunch of times and never got).

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